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We take your WordPress Designs very seriously we always work around what you want not what we want, We prefer to work alongside you and give our advice on the best way to develop your WordPress Designs, we have our own development server and we give you access to your new website during a development, so you are able to see your site grow.

And as we work on your new WordPress Designs after each section is built we will get you to check it before we move on to the next part that way it is built just the way you want it, we make sure all the images are optimized for size and speed.

WordPress Designs

Good Design Means Higher Conversions

Getting the right WordPress Designs will increase your revenue simply because good design converts visitors into customers.

Meet Your Designer’s

My name is John Helyar, and I’ve worked in IT ever since leaving school. Although, I did take a break from IT a couple of times to have a break. Still, IT and Designing Websites have always been my main passion, and I wanted to share my knowledge and passion with others.

So I started my own web hosting company called uBeHosted Ltd along with my father who’s name is also John Helyar. (To confuse things, imagine growing up like that, never knowing who was being called or who’s post was who’s.)
Now uBeHosted has grown nicely over the last few years with some large and small business and gaming websites.

So now we have decided to create uBeDesign to work alongside uBeHosted. This now means that uBeHosted can focus on the servers and hosting while uBeDesign can focus on Designing and Building new Websites for Customers.

Get your new website started today and bring it to life.

uBeDesign WordPress Designs Everything you need
Image’s From a Game Studio Site we Designed

Everything You Need to Know

  • All pictures for your site must be your own property or royalty free.
  • The content on the site is written with you as you know your business better then anyone.
  • We have lot’s of templates for you to choose from or we can make you a complete custom look
  • We build your site then we go through the site with you so we may discuss the finer details.
  • And if you want we are able to host your website for you and manage the site for you and take all that worry off of your hands.

We go over everything with you when we have a telephone meeting.

Thanks from DarkStorm
We approached uBeDesign to design and build our website. So that as a newly formed game studio. We wanted to spend more time on our game development than creating a website. They were great. We gave them some basic information, and they came back to us with a few designs. After a very informative conversation, we settled on a design. They went off and completed the site, checking with us and making sure we were happy with the site. Once they had finished the website and we gave them the go-ahead, they put the website live with their parent company uBeHosted Ltd. They gave us a great deal on hosting and a managed service, so we don’t have to worry about the website.
Lee Wickham
Dark Storm Studios – CO-Founder
Great Service, uBeDesign
The DLP Group has a long history in town planning, architecture and transportation. As the Group’s Marketing Consultant, it has been my role to introduce, coordinate and keep all channels current and relevant both to the industries and to the individual brands of each company within the Group.  With the help from uBeHosted, we have created engaging websites that have modernised the brand and facilitate the services & project showcase of our work.  Thanks to uBeHosted, we are able to ensure accuracy, speed and functionality is consistently maintained.
Emma Gillies
Marketing Consultant, The DLP Group
DLP Consultants
BE1 Architects
StrnGrl Fitness
uBeHosted Ltd has been helping my business develop our website for the past 12 months.
Due to our business model changing because of the effects of Covid-19, our marketing strategies, website, and services are regularly evolving. Therefore, John kept in regular contact with us to ensure they perform maintenance and updates. Communication was excellent. Within a matter of hours, John would have replied and made the necessary changes that we requested.
In addition, John has taught me how to use and operate the website and make changes myself when needed.
uBeHosted Ltd is continually expanding its knowledge and education, implementing new ways to help develop our site.
I highly recommend uBeHosted Ltd as communication, Customer Service, and reliability has been 100%
Steph Abbott
Sea Wolves Of the Pacific
As a Gaming Community that uses a website and a forum for many members, it is excellent the administration is handled by uBeHosted. This allows us to put more time into running our Gaming Community. The Support we have is fantastic, putting the customer first and ensuring it is all running smoothly. The skill and effort put into making sure that from 20 to 70 year old can manage to navigate both the website and our forum, which is neat and visually easy on the eyes. It has been great ensuring the sites are kept up to date, ensuring two very smooth running sites. I didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. Still, they are undoubtedly the Firestone of web Design can’t recommend them enough straight-up value for your money 10 out of 10 for thinking about the customer’s needs. So yes, We would recommend uBeHosted LTD every time.
Malcom – First Sea Lord
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Common Questions

All website designs remain the property of uBeHosted Ltd (our parent company) until paid for there is no refund on websites once they have been approved as we can’t work for nothing.

If you would like us to host your website, we can upload it to your chosen domain, provided by uBeHosted Ltd on your choice of hosting package. Once the site is live, we will provide you with all the login details to have complete control over your website and hosting. Unless you have chosen to have a managed package, which means uBeHosted will maintain and keep the site updated for you.

We use Stripe as our payment processor, which accepts all major credit and debit cards, and we also accept Bank Transfers

If you are hosting with us, we can upload the site to our production server free of charge. Still, if you want to host with another hosting company, then we can upload this for you for a small fee. To do this, we would need login details to your chosen hosting company to create the MySQL database and upload the completed site. Once we have finished, we would advise you to log in and change your password for security reason and your peace of mind. (we can not guarantee the speed of the website on a different Hosting Provider)

Once you have purchased the website from us, you can do whatever you want with it as it will be your property. *(except resell the website)

Speed optimisation can be a rather lengthy process depending on the size of your site. So the first thing we do is run some test and write a report to show what work needs to be completed. We then create a duplicate of your website and run it up on our development server. We then start working on resolving any problems such as images not scaled correctly or not optimised or redundant CSS or HTML code. Finally, we look at Plugins to see if they’re out of date or better ones we can use and see if these are causing issues with page speed.

Once we have completed it, we will generate a new report with the before and after. Finally, if you are happy with the result, we will move the site from our development server to where your live site was hosted.
(We can only guarantee the speed when it’s on our server. We can’t be responsible if your current host’s servers are slower than ours) – If this is the case, we can offer you a great deal on hosting, along with a managed or unmanaged package.

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