WordPress Optimisation

With Google making Speed a significant factor of your ranking, it is more important to have your wordpress optimisation and for your site to be set up correctly. If you fail the web vitals check, you could lose all the rankings you have worked so hard to get. uBeDesign can make sure you pass these test by working hard to optimise your site and make sure all images plugins are optimised for the best performance.

WordPress Optimisation

WordPress is a wonderful system but there are times where sites are built just for looks which is needed but also you need speed this is where our WordPress Optimisation team comes into it.

Most people surfing the internet wont wait around for a site to load if its not there in a matter of seconds they will look else where.

This is where we come in we will take a look at your site and look at every aspect of the site we will be able to tell what needs to tweaked and what is ok.

We will start by running several tests on your site before we do anything to see what we are dealing with in a lot of cases we get results in the 1st set of images to the right, once we have finished our scores are around what you see in the bottom set of images.

This entire process can take a little while its mainly down to the size of your site amount of images and how many pages there are.

We will make a full backup of your site and move it to our server and re-run the 1st set of test again to make sure it isn’t a problem with your current hosting provider our servers are built for getting the best out of WordPress.

Once we have your site up and running on our server we will lock it down so Search engines can’t find it while on our server and then we will go to work on it, once our WordPress Optimisation team has completed their work we will provide you with a full report of what we have found and done.

But please keep in mind while working on the site its on our server and we can’t guarantee the speed once it’s moved back to your current provider

If there is a problem with your provider we will give you a price to host your site with us and let you decide what you want to.

Speed Before Mobile Optimisation

uBeDesign WordPress Optimisation Mobile Bad

Speed Before Desktop Optimisation

uBeDesign WordPress Optimisation Desktop Bad

Speed After Mobile Optimisation

uBeDesign Speed Optimisation Mobile Good

Speed After Desktop Optimisation

uBeDesign WordPress Optimisation Desktop Good

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